Hello! I'm always updating my playlist over on Spotify and as easy as it is to just embed it in a post and call it a day, I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite new songs! GSAP, Stormzy That's right- we're starting with a whole album! I feel like we've been waiting for … Continue reading playlist!


killing time

Hello! It's been a while since I mentioned how boredddddd I am. Not only have I been out of education for 112 days (I think) but this week, I have been housebound while electricians and painters and builders and the sort ripped out the kitchen and gave us a new one! So here are the things … Continue reading killing time


Good afternoon... I have been trying all morning to embed my Spotify playlist but it just wouldn't work. I typed it all manual, and as I tried to add a link to the playlist itself- bam, the widget appears... If you like this playlist, give it a follow- I update it as I find new … Continue reading playlist!