Hello and welcome to my little home on the Internet!

Writing an ‘about me’ page is the most difficult thing ever… Maybe that’s just me… Maybe that says more about me than any ‘about me’ page ever could!

I’m just kidding, kind of. There’s not an awful lot to sat about me really, so here goes:

  • I’m 18 years old
  • I’m doing a digital comms/Public Relations apprenticeship
  • I have a cat called Wogan
  • My middle name is Anne
  • I have a thing called Ulcerative Colitis, and I’m anaemic
  • I prefer rain over heat
  • I have a tattoo
  • I live in London
  • Apart from coffee and milk, water is the only thing I drink
  • I bake, and I read a lot- I have the hobbies of an old lady

I guess I should tell you about the blog too, huh? Well, I write about whatever’s on my mind, or going on in my life. I (try to) write about my apprenticeship and my (lack of) health. I rant about living in London, and share my favourite music. I have serious commitment issues so I’ll never promise to stick to one theme.

Thank you for visiting my little bit of the Internet! Now, go and read everything, check out aaaaall of my social medias and you can always message me with questions or suggestions.


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