treat yo’self


Last week, loads of parcels arrived at the same time so I thought I would do a mini haul (can you tell nothing is happening in my life?). Read on for jewellery, books and some Colourpop bits and bobs!

The first thing I got was a ring from Featheroak, a brand I first heard about through Countryfile! The ring was a birthday treat for me, from me, and I couldn’t be happier.

The turquoise ring came in little box, with a handwritten note from Alexandra, the girl who owns the small business and makes all of the jewellery.

The next thing I got was actually a birthday present, from the Book Matchmaker. Like my Featheroak goodie, the box was wrapped beautifully. The gift box contained a mug, Shrewsbury biscuits, hot chocolate, a book mark and a secret book- as well as a little letter.

IMG_1963 (2)

The idea of the Book Matchmaker is that the book you receive is a secret- it is wrapped with four words describing the story, so you can’t judge it by the cover. I got destiny, surprise, change and gifts- ironically the words, and the story itself (A Parcel for Anna Browne by Miranda Dickinson) kind of describe the Book Matchmaker experience!

Now… On to the biggest bit of the post, Coloupop! For background, Colourpop is a brand based in LA, well known for the fact its products are made in the same factory as Kylie Cosmetics, so there are lots of dupes. It’s fairly affordable, and cruelty free.

A couple of weeks ago, they had free international shipping for a limited time, so I thought what better excuse to buy a couple of things!

Hot Mama, a Mother’s Day set, contains full size products. The metallic lip gloss is my favourite thing I got. The pressed powders are super pigmented compared to anything I have ever used before, and that’s taking some getting used to! The set also contained a little Mother’s Day postcard- I got mine ‘To me, From me’, little did I know someone from Colourpop would hand write it, and consequently know how stupid I was.

The minis were free samples! Strip is a brown/nude which I love. Dopey was actually a bit too dark for me, and has been given to my Nan- I don’t think she knows just how cool she is!

I am a red head with dark eyebrows- I can’t explain why. To find a red head eyebrow product that actually matches my colouring was incredible!

Alyssa, a satin lip from the Kathleen Lights collaboration, is the colour I have been looking for for ages. I feel like a little goes a really long was, which is great. It’s quite matte but doesn’t feel as dry as most mattes do, and it’s incredibly long lasting.

Now, I like to keep an argument balanced, so here are some problems.

USPS, the courier, marked my parcel as delivered on the online tracker, on a Saturday morning at about 7am. That updated on the Colourpop website too, so I was a little bit scared a neighbour had stolen my parcel… It turns out this is just what USPS do when the parcel gets to the local parcel warehouse.

On the Tuesday, I got a card from Royal Mail, saying that my parcel wouldn’t be delivered until I paid customs. It was expected, but Royal Mail has holding fees, and so I ended up paying almost as much in customs as I did on the products!

All in all, it was worth it, but I’m not in any hurry to buy more at the moment!

Have you done any shopping lately? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time, Izzy x


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