I’ve never done one of these, and I probably never will again but I have bought lots of cute bargain beauty bits and bobs that I just want to show off! All of the make up products listed are cruelty free, and available on the high street.


Collection, Velvet Kiss in Cotton

A couple of weeks ago, I got Collection’s Velvet Kiss for free because I’m weak, and couldn’t resist a ‘spend £6 for a free £2.99 lip gloss’ deal- it makes no sense! I got it in Cotton, and I have worn it most days. It does have a velvet-y feel, and is fairly long lasting.

Also for £2.99 each, I bought Makeup Revolution’s Lip Lava, in Forgiven and Tremor. Forgiven is a lot browner than any lip product I’ve ever bought or worn but it’s definitely my favourite of the two. They have a really great applicator too, and come in little boxes which is fab for less than £3.

Also pictured are my new, emergency sunnies from Matalan- I have really badly scratched my Monki ones, like a fool- and this powder from MUA.



This weekend, I decided to try something new and so bought Marks and Spencer Limited Edition lipsticks and a concealer kit. Also pictured is a Skinnydip phone case, that is no longer available!

Collection, Velvet Kiss in Cotton (2)

Collection, Velvet Kiss in Cotton (1)

The lipstick trio, in shades of pink, is maybe the best thing I have bought in ages. The box was only £12, and all three are really moisturising.



I am on a constant mission to find a concealer, and I think I might have done it with this kit! The green and yellow pens are colour correctors, and the kit also includes two shades of concealer- I think I’ll attempt contouring with the slightly darker shade!

Unlike some colour corrector and concealer pens, these aren’t particularly chalky and so blend much better- and for only £8, this is a winner.

Also in the Limited Edition beauty range is a Highlight and Glow set (£8), and an Eyebrow kit (also £8)- neither of which were in stock but both are on my want list.

Woohoo! I survived my first beauty post and only cringed three times. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time… Izzy x


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