Hello, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Normally, I’d put a cringe picture on Facebook or Instagram of me and my Mum. I’d write something ironic, or share a private joke to maintain my air of mystery… However, this year I thought I would do something a little different. Here are all of the reasons my Mum is the coolest thing:

  1. She is my personal IT technician, for when I think my laptop is broken but I actually just turned the WiFi off…
  2. Her pasta bake is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.
  3. Her nachos come in a close second though.
  4. She has the best sense of humour, ever.
  5. I have her to thank for my wardrobe- whether we’re talking things I’ve ‘borrowed’ or the surprise orders she makes.
  6. She doesn’t go crazy when I make slightly strange decisions, like bleaching my hair or refusing to go to uni.
  7. She has that ability to walk into the room and just find the thing I’ve lost, without even trying.
  8. People see us and say stuff like ‘You two are so funny, me and my Mum are never like that!’. Okay that’s probably only happened like 4 times but still!
  9. She buys the best presents ever- things I’d never think I’d want or even need.
  10. I also have her to thank for my intelligence- not to sound big headed or anything! She helped me with homework for years, encouraged me and kept me sane through years of exams.
  11. She has given me the best musical education.
  12. She’s also taken us to so many gigs, shows and concerts.
  13. Continuing the music theme, she fangirls just as hard as I do, if not more.
  14. She’s my therapist- full on conversations while I’m laid out across the sofa.
  15. As annoying as I am, she has accepted that I will always empty the biscuit jar before anyone else gets a look in.
  16. She’s totally cool with us sleeping in till noon and having a bed day weekend.
  17. She takes the mickey out of me.
  18. We can both watch The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, Bridget Jones, Legally Blonde, What Happens in Vegas, again and again and again.
  19. She has somehow made the cat love her, and hate almost everyone else- it’s magic.
  20. Her job inspired me to apply for my job, and my job is so cool so she can have credit for that!
  21. She lets me borrow all of her books.
  22. She has some of the coolest friends- my ‘earth Mums’, big sister types, aunts and besties!
  23. When I am ill, or exhausted, she immediately becomes my carer- I’m talking helping me, an adult, get dressed and almost carrying me home.
  24. She’s great at Snapchat- especially her random filtered selfies.
  25. Speaking of Snapchat, she’s actually pretty great at social media in general!
  26. She’s really good at DIY.
  27. How many Mum’s will just sing- no, rap- a Kany song, word for word?
  28. She knows gossip before I do, and always make me feel like the less cool, older one.
  29. I think she’s accepted that I will never dance as well as she does.
  30. She only mocked me a little bit when the Mother’s Day cupcakes I baked went wrong, and she ate them anyway!
  31. She’s an actual cool Mum.


I reserve the right to add to this list, whenever I need to! How did you spend Mother’s Day this year?

Till next time,

Izzy x


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