Good evening!  If there's a fashion trend that makes it acceptable for me to be as comfy as possible, I will follow it. I'm talking "athleisure" (Did someone say leggings and sweatshirts? What was that- I can wear my gym clothes to the shops?) and the recurring theme of pyjama style shirts, dresses and trousers.  … Continue reading pyjamas 


little treasures

Hello! Now, I would love to tell you I'm an avid buyer of vintage pieces, but that would be a lie. I love to walk around salvage yards and antique stores but I can't say I have ever bought anything. That said, I am first to beg for any old pieces my Nan is getting … Continue reading little treasures


Good afternoon... I have been trying all morning to embed my Spotify playlist but it just wouldn't work. I typed it all manual, and as I tried to add a link to the playlist itself- bam, the widget appears... If you like this playlist, give it a follow- I update it as I find new … Continue reading playlist!